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The Elfic Fusion of Korrigan Circus invites you on a journey to meet your inner forest and the little magical beings that inhabit it. 

Sounds with ancient and magical hints, sometimes recalling the vast forests of northern Europe, sometimes the Greek mountains, sometimes the deserts of Arabia, and sometimes even the steppes of Asia. An eclectic music, union of new and old. The songs of Korrigan Circus are willing to invent a new traditional music.




30 septembre 2023 à 22h30

Festival de l'Eveil

Dojo de Saillon

Valais - Suisse



01 octobre 2023 à 19h30

Au Diable Vert 


Vaud - Suisse

The alchemy between traditional instruments (bouzouki, Chinese or Irish flutes, jew's harp…) and other more recent ones (viola, guitar…) allows the music of Korrigan Circus to reach a unique and original dimension. Dosed with subtlety, vocal polyphonies and playful melodies invite you to rediscover your inner child, the one who remembers how to dream.



Fin de la tournée européenne 2023

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