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Stany "Tendrael" Cotter

Voice - Flutes - Guitar - Jew's Harp - Bass - Percussion - Tibetan Bowl - Tibetan Bells

Nicolas "Adimìr" Cotter

Voice - Bouzouki - Guitar - Bass - Percussion

Lena "Adasha" Plavsic

Voice - Percussion - Tibetan Bowl

Chronicles of a Band of Pixies

Korrigan Circus is a collective of pixies and professional dreamers, storytellers and travelers through the myths and legends of the magical world around us...

They know the importance of the dance of fairy beings, because it has always helped the rotation of the earth and they know that if today the world does not turn around well it is because most of these entities are hidden, frightened by human madness. 

But, ironically, they also know that their hiding place is in the heart of those same human beings. Yes ladies and gentlemen! You all harbor a subtle being sleeping within you, waiting for reassurance to come out into the light.....

Korrigan Circus has therefore given itself the heavy task of awakening these little beings with magic notes, essential harmonies and tribal and bewitching rhythms...

The collective makes no judgment because it thinks that everything that is happening is necessary for the growth and evolution of humanity, but it does not recognize itself in the current great dream, where man cuts himself off from his connection with nature, losing himself in the meanders of machinery and destructive industry, depleting the reserves of our planet. The collective has therefore decided to dream even stronger and to use human means of communication in order to reach as many people as possible, thus hoping to bring its little grain of sand to the march of the world...

They firmly believe that it's possible to live in a world with more harmony, which does not mean all beautiful and pink, with rainbows everywhere but with a balance of forces better distributed than nowadays.

To do this, we just need to reconnect with our forests, our mountains, our rivers and relearn how to listen to the messages they whisper to us. Simplicity is magic. The smallest leaf of a tree with its veins and its transparency contains within it the greatest of mysteries..."We tell you this while singing, gently, but don't fall asleep! It is urgent that we reconnect to our Mother Nature as soon as possible, otherwise, very soon, we will have forgotten everything... about us."


Korrigan Circus was formed on a journey in the year 2013 by the two brothers Nicolas "Adimìr" and Stany "Tendraël" Cotter. The band shared their harmonies with a multitude of different musicians they met along the way. The singer Sébastien Ebener, the viola player Lulu Pimay, the guitarists Lucas Echenique and Cristobald Belmont, the singers Loana Wana and Lua Maria, the bass player Singo, the clarinettist Felix,  Zdenek Galba and his tablas, Sebastian and his hurdy-gurdy, the bodhrán player Marc McBones, the percussionists Olivier, Yusuf and Todor as well as a multitude of other fabulous musicians like Juanvi and Naira on the didgeridoo and hang. They all, for a short time or for a longer period, brought their light and beauty to Korrigan Circus. 

Today the collective has three active members. The two brothers Stany and Nicolas Cotter, from Switzerland, and the fairy percussionist Lena "Adasha" Plavšić, from Croatia.


In nine years of existence, the group has recorded four albums. "Message from the Forest" in 2015, "Path to Ataraxia" in 2017 then, the year 2021 saw the release of two new Korrigan Circus opuses: "Le Rêve de la Terre" and "Brechili'an Karavan", the first live album of the collective, mixing music and storytelling, recorded at the Interface Theater in Sion. The three studio albums originated on the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands, where they are based at the moment. A small island where the industrial evolution of human beings has not yet taken on the proportions that we know of on the old continent, and where the korrigans feel safe and sufficiently connected to the enchanting nature that surrounds them to be able to create and dream freely..... However, do not worry, they return periodically to the land of their ancestors in order to share with its inhabitants their music and their Dream.....


The music of Korrigan Circus is entirely played with natural instruments and for the most part traditional. Inspired as much by ancient music as by constant experimentation, it mixes and transforms with the winds without ever attaching itself to a particular style or sound. It is usually sung in an invented language, exploring the emotions contained in the basic sounds and intonations of the human voice. The absence of a concrete meaning allowing the listener to dream up its own story, to live its own tale on an original soundtrack of Korrigan Circus.

Whether on stage, in enchanted forests, in chapels with ancient walls, mysterious and dark cellars and caves, warm or haunted castles... the collective will go wherever children's hearts are open to dream incredible adventures. Even into the internet jungle, can you believe it?

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